AlarCity-Thumb1_5Fast paced, top down, arcade shoot’em’up action! This new project -code named ‘AlarCity’- is currently under early development and it’s gonna be PixelGlass Games first commercial release! The game is targeting primarily unexpanded AGA Amigas (A1200, CD32) while a version for PC and  MAC is also planned as well.
  • Project name: AlarCity
  • Label: Pixelglass
  • Project status: Under early development
  • Release status: Planned for commercial release
  • Target Platforms: Amiga 1200, CD32, PC, Mac

Source: Facebook Group


Publisher: PD/Freeware Developer: Gernot Fritsche Download:, CCTennis2CD32.7z Website: English Amiga Board

amicast Episode 15 is all about NetSurf with Chris Young. It is possible that NetSurf in future could be only one modern web browser for AmigaOS 4.x (and 3.x). Website:

tnd_logoAugust updates over at The New Dimension or as follows: Dark Force Dissected, SEUCK School, SIDScope, 24BIT Frequency Counter, Zub the Box by Roberto Ricioppo, Let’s Invade Preview by TND Games, Jimbas the Warrior, World of Numbers, Abyss Global, Super Road Seven 06, Sub13, Arcadians 071, finally Cloco the Robot, Mission Ras 2, Shomys 06, ZB Rinco and Commander 02. Website:

flashtroOn the web page you can see many cracker intro’s with your browser. The original intros from the Amiga, Atari-ST, Dreamcast, PC, Playstation etc. are converted to Flash. The most recent flashtro’s are: Terminal Cracking News – Somewhere in Time, ROL – Secure golden keyboot, Flashtro – Great Giana Sisters SE, Scoopex – Great Giana Sisters SE, Bronx – Nebula, Paranoimia – Dyter 7, Flashtro – Sqrxz 4 Update 1.1, Megaforce – Manhatten Dealer, Paranoimia – North & South, Flashtro – Blocky Skies, Ackerlight – Crash Garrett, Ackerlight – Wild Copper, Flashtro – Sqrxz 4 and Parasol Stars. Website:

chicken_lips_radioChicken Lips Radio Episode #008: Amiga 2000HD, Commodore PET 4032, KansasFest Retr0Brite / Javier, WiFi – Commodore 128, CommVex v12 2016, MicroDrive 1541 Emulator- Jim Drew, Habitat, Generation Amiga Pro, Vampire 500, Debugging Tool, Commodore VIC-20: A Visual History Book Kickstarter – Giacomo Veroni, ARMiga , C64C Cases in retro colours, SX-64 JiffyDOS Kernal, Tynemouth Software: Commodore PET Diagnostics 6502 Replacement. Chicken Lips Radio is a podcast dedicated to Commodore retro computing, the machines, the history, and especially the exciting developments happening today in both hardware and software. Chicken Lips Radio is a member of the Retrobits Podcast family. Website:

whdload_augWHDLoad offers a way to play Amiga diskette games from your hard disk. The following installers have been added until 2016-08-22. (more…)

pentagram_titlepentagram_mainPentagram is a new game for the Commodore Plus/4. In the game you must help Sabreman to find the lost Pentagram, an artifact of magical power. The game is based on the Atari 800 source code from Mariusz. The game also has support for a SID card. Download: TED, SID Website: plus4world

winuae_aug_2016Toni Wilen has released WinUAE 3.4.0 beta 1. WinUAE is currently the best Amiga emulation available to date and if used alongside Classic Workbench and WHDLoad you can achieve a really great Amiga hard drive experience like the picture above. Download from the link below and don’t forget to check all the new features in the release notes link, have fun! :) Download: winuae_3400b1.7z Download 64-bit Version: winuae64_3400b1.7z Release Notes: Source:

Robin_Final_001Super Robin is a new Amiga game created by AmigaPD using the Reality Game Creator Software. The game has a total of 31 short levels made up of different zones. The object of the game is quite simple, collect all the fruit and then head to the exit to the far right of the level. Some fruit is also contained in blocks which have to be hit from below using your characters head. Enemies can be avoided by jumping over them or running away. There are teleporter doors – to access these push up on your joystick and press fire when in front of the door. There are also switches – to activate these push up on your joystick and then press fire. When you get to the end of the level you sometimes have the option for two exits – the bottom door option will take you to a bonus level. Erik Hogan created the menu select screen for CD32 version. Simone Bernacchia has provided the in game music for the full game version – the other music provided for the different zones under the practice option have been taken from the Assassins Public Domain disk. The Dylan Demo option on the menu takes you to a demo of ‘Dizzy Adventure Clone’, also created using the Reality Adventure skeleton disk. Super Robin is available for Amiga 600 (2meg Minimum), Amiga 1200 and Amiga CD32. 13432214_1127258097317358_614822952228627860_n

Forum Thread/Download: Facebook: Website: AmigaPD 

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